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Resource Library

At ThriveED, we read a lot of articles and presentations that we think might be of interest to our partners, so we’ve started compiling them here in a single location. This resource library will be updated frequently, so check back often.

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Topic - Workforce Development

OCTOBER 15, 2019 – Talent-driven economic development: A new vision and agenda for regional and state economies – Talent-driven economic development underscores a fundamental tenet of the modern economy: workforce capabilities far surpass any other driver of economic development. This paper aims to help economic development leaders recognize that the future success of both their organizations and regions is fundamentally intertwined with talent development.

Read the entire article here.

Download the report here.

Topic - 5G

How the US Can Catch Up in the 5G Race – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

How 5G Will Change So Much More Than Your Phone – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

NYC Tries to Even Out Access to Wireless Networks – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

How Much 5G Could Cost Users – WSJ Article, Feb 26, 2019

5G Basics and Public Policy – Policy Brief, George Mason University, February 2019

The Time Has Come for a New Way To Do Wireless and 5G – Forbes column, March 8, 2019

Topic - Broadband

What Broadband Expansion Means For Rural Wisconsinites – Wisconsin Public Radio segment, March 12, 2019 Listen here (26 minutes)

Topic - Cannabis & Industrial Hemp

Employers Delve Into the Weeds of Cannabis Law – Area Development article, Q1 2019

Cannabis – The Latest Buzzword on Investment – Area Development article, Q1 2019

Looking at an exciting future for industrial hemp – Wisconsin State Farmer article, December 18, 2018

DATCP Takes Nearly 2.1K Hemp Grower, Producer Applications – Wisconsin Public Radio Segment, March 4, 2019 Listen here

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