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Manufacturing Month
You Call it October. We Call it Manufacturing Month.

Manufacturing is big business in Jefferson and Dodge counties. Statewide, manufacturers employ 16.1 percent of the workforce, the second highest manufacturing employment concentration of any state in the nation. Impressive numbers, but they go up even higher in Jefferson and Dodge counties. In Dodge County, manufacturing makes up a whopping 32 percent of the workforce; in Jefferson County, it makes up 28 percent of the county’s workforce.

Our two-county region is  home to some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers, including Trek Bikes, John Deere Horicon Works, MEC, Fisher Barton, Quad Graphics, Spacesaver Corporation and many more.

Held every October, Manufacturing Month highlights the contributions of manufacturing to our economy, and helps promote it as an attractive career.

Upcoming Community Events

September 26, 2019 – Tomorrow’s Workforce: Attracting and Growing Talent

October 2, 2019 – Wake Up Watertown – State of Manufacturing in Dodge and Jefferson Counties

October 4, 2019 – Facility Tour and Presentation – Eaton Watertown

October 8, 2019 – The Need for Speed: The Evolution of Advanced Manufacturing and its Effect on Your Community

November 14, 2019 – Building Bridges: Bridging Education with Workforce in Watertown

February 21, 2020 – Building Bridges: Bridging Education with Workforce in Watertown

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