Jefferson County Achieves HUD Certification

Jefferson County is proud to announce its recent certification by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a Home Counseling Agency. This certification will bring a host of benefits to homebuyers, homeowners and renters in the county.

The HUD certification acknowledges Jefferson County’s commitment to providing expert housing counseling services to individuals and families seeking to achieve their dream of homeownership or improve their existing housing situation. With this certification, the county is launching Jefferson County At Home, a program offering an array of resources and guidance to residents. The program will be administered by Thrive Economic Development, the county’s private sector economic development partner.

The benefits of the program and the county’s new HUD-certified status include:

Professional Guidance: As a HUD-certified home counseling agency, Jefferson County will offer expert guidance on a range of housing-related issues, including purchasing a home, budgeting and credit repair. Certified counselors will work one-on-one with clients to provide personalized advice and support.

Access to Affordable Financing: Jefferson County residents will gain valuable information about various affordable financing options, including down payment assistance programs and programs for homeowners to make needed repairs and improvements.

Financial Literacy: Certified counselors will assist clients in developing financial literacy skills, helping them better understand the responsibilities and benefits of homeownership.

Community Development: By enhancing housing stability and homeownership in Jefferson County, this HUD certification will contribute to the overall development and strengthening of local communities.

“The HUD certification reaffirms our dedication to fostering a resilient and thriving community,” notes Jefferson County Administrator Ben Wehmeier. “Jefferson County At Home is not just about houses; it’s about building a foundation for stronger neighborhoods, enhanced financial literacy and a brighter future for our residents.”

“By recognizing housing as an integral part of economic development, we are actively investing in the prosperity of our community, attracting and retaining talent and building the foundation for a dynamic and competitive local economy,” adds ThriveED president Deb Reinbold. “We are excited to partner with the county to provide support to our community members as they navigate the housing market, whether they are first-time homebuyers or long-term homeowners facing challenges.”

For more information about Jefferson County At Home and the services offered as a HUD-certified Home Counseling Agency, please visit or call 920-674-8711.