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You may already know Wisconsin as America’s Dairyland. But we’re more than that, with an agricultural and agribusiness footprint that means big business for both the state and Greater Jefferson County.

Greater Jefferson County has a $2 billion agricultural economy with more than 7,000 jobs linked to agriculture and agribusiness. Farmers in Jefferson County own and manage the resources of more than 220,000 acres of land. The area’s large and diverse agriculture industry supports many processing and food manufacturing businesses, and is home to green technologies, including wind turbines and manure digesters. Leading agricultural products include eggs, dairy, grain, soybeans and peas. In addition, the area is home to agribusinesses doing cutting edge work, including Ab E Manufacturing, a facility in Waterloo designed to help accelerate market entry for science-driven animal health and nutrition discoveries from entrepreneurial scientists.

It’s Happening Here: Workforce

With record low unemployment, employers all over the state and nation are faced with the challenge of filling vacant and new positions with qualified workers.

There’s good news for employers in Greater Jefferson County. Our primary research indicates that the region has a robust labor pool of workers in our labor basin area. In fact, our Central Wisconsin Labor Region, which includes all or portions of Jefferson, Dodge, Columbia, Dane, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Rock, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha Counties, has an available labor pool of nearly 260,000 individuals.

Community and technical colleges in the area help prepare workers in agriculture and agribusiness by offering industry-relevant programs such as Agriculture Systems Management, Agricultural Equipment Technology, Agribusiness Science and Technology program and Water Quality Technology. In addition, the Center for Dairy Research, operated out of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the nearby University of Wisconsin-Madison, offers more than 15 public short courses and dozens of company specific training courses annually.

It’s Happening Here: Incentives

Thrive Economic Development works with expanding business as well as businesses that are new to the region to identify local, state, and federal programs and incentives that encourage business growth and job creation. From tax credits to loan funds, there are multiple resources designed to assist businesses in Greater Jefferson County.

Wisconsin has a wide range of programs and incentives to encourage business growth and job creation. The list below contains just a few programs and incentives for businesses. Use the Incentive Finder below from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to learn more, or contact us and we’ll do the work for you!

Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit

The Manufacturing and Agriculture Tax Credit offsets a significant share of Wisconsin income taxes. Starting in 2013, the tax credit became available for income derived from manufacturing or agricultural property located in Wisconsin.

Property Tax Exemptions

Farm machinery and equipment are exempt from general property tax when used exclusively and directly in farming. Farming includes dairy farming, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and custom farming. Machinery and equipment can be owned or leased.  Machinery and equipment includes tractors, machines, and their accessories, attachments, fuel and repair parts.

Biogas or synthetic gas energy systems, solar energy systems, and wind energy systems are exempt from general property tax.

Sales Tax Exemptions

Sales of tractors and machines, including accessories, attachments and parts for such tractors and machines, lubricants, non-powered equipment are exempt from sales and use taxes.

It’s Happening Here: Strategic Location

Greater Jefferson County offers an ideal location. A population of more than 75,000,000 is reachable within a 500 mile radius.

Located midway between Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul on the Midwest’s High-Tech IQ corridor, Jefferson County sits between Dane and Waukesha, two of the wealthiest counties in the state, with Interstate 94 and WI Highway 26 running through it.

Greater Jefferson County offers easy access to Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis/St. Paul, at a cost significantly less than any one of those cities. Cut your costs and improve your reach in our region.

It’s Happening Here: Infrastructure

With abundant business-friendly resources including air, rail, outstanding North-South and East-West highway systems and available sites and buildings, the area offers all the access you need and a lower cost of doing business.

Businesses in Greater Jefferson County also benefit from abundant municipal water and existing wastewater infrastructure.

Learn more about our infrastructure here.

Interactive Incentive Finder

Interactive Incentive FInder

There are a number of tax credits and incentives available to businesses. Don’t miss out!

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