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Together, We Thrive

Thrive Economic Development (ThriveED) is a public-private partnership launched in 2016 to lead economic development efforts in the Greater Jefferson County region. Our goals are ambitious, and our efforts are a catalyst for economic growth in our communities. Our focus is on:

Your Investment

Our investors share a commitment to creating and promoting vibrant communities. Whether you live here, work here, or do both, you have a vested interest in seeing the Greater Jefferson County region truly thrive.

Attracting new businesses and helping existing businesses expand will lead to more jobs in our communities, a broadened tax base and services that enhance the quality of life of all our residents. Your investment is an investment in the business health of our region.

We are excited to be part of a movement that will help build a more vibrant economy and a better way of life. We invite you to come along.

Why Invest in Economic Development?

As a business leader, do you believe that your business benefits when your community is able to attract and retain quality businesses and workers?

Do you believe that private sector involvement and investment can result in a more robust economy for everyone?

Do you believe that economic development needs to be a local, coordinated and purposeful effort, led by professionals with economic development experience?

If you said yes to any of these questions, we invite you to learn more about investing in Thrive Economic Development.


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