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Thrive in Greater Jefferson County

This is the part where we’re supposed to wow you with our parks and bike trails and other quality of life amenities. Of course, we have those in abundance. Want to see some pictures? Kayaking, bike trails, theater, farmer’s markets and restaurants – we’ve got them all. Whether you like going out or staying in, we have something here for you in Greater Jefferson County, and we invite you to explore that.

The truth is, most communities have nice parks and amenities. That’s not why businesses invest here. Businesses choose the Greater Jefferson County area because our location is hard to beat. Need to get product to Chicago, Minneapolis/St Paul or the Quad Cities? Easy. A population of nearly 75,000,000 is reachable within 500 miles.

We also draw on workers from a large labor basin of more than 700,000 that stretches from Waukesha to Madison and Fond du Lac to Janesville. Our workforce is skilled and available for advanced manufacturing, food and beverage processing, animal health and human healthcare. If this is what your business is looking for, look at us.

Location, smart, available workers and a lower cost of doing business. All in all, a hard combination to beat.

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