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Research and Studies
Data Driven Decision Making

ThriveED conducts and commissions studies on economic development-related issues. View and download the studies below.

Wages by Occupation by County Study

Download the June 2021 study here

Jefferson County Housing Study

Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s housing needs has become an increasingly greater challenge for counties, and Jefferson County is no exception. Having a sufficient supply of housing that meets the demands of households of varying incomes is critical to the economic vitality of our county.

Download the February 2021 study

Labor Availability Analysis

These reports assess the “Available Labor Pool” in the included labor basins, with an emphasis on those interested in manufacturing employment. The “Available Labor Pool” represents those looking for employment or interested in new jobs for the right employment opportunities.

Download the Jefferson County Labor Availability Analysis
Download the Dodge County Labor Availability Analysis
Download the Regional (Jefferson and Dodge County combined) Labor Availability Analysis

Download just the Executive Summaries at the Links & Downloads tab below.

Links & Downloads
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