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Internet providers team up to increase bandwidth due to COVID-19

Netwurx and TDS are working together in order to increase bandwidth to its rural broadband network in Southeast Wisconsin in a proactive manner to address the expected high usage increase by customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Ken Baehler, Netwurx director of business development.

The rural broadband network is a large provider of internet service for Jefferson and Dodge counties.

Netwurx reached out to TDS a few weeks back when the news broke to request TDS put this existing project on a fast track for completion.

“TDS welcomes additional infrastructure to drive broadband coverage and access in rural Dodge, Jefferson and Columbia counties. There has never been a more critically important time to expand broadband services in Wisconsin.”

Both Netwurx and TDS are participating in the FCC’s Keep America Connected Pledge for the next 60 days not to terminate service to any residential or small business customer because of their inability to pay their bills due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses and residential customers are asked to contact their specific provider to inquire if they fall under these circumstances.

“We at Netwurx and TDS wish all the best to our customers, their families and to all America as we work collectively to positively affect local communities, we both serve during this global crisis,” the company said in a statement.

Article originally appeared in the Waterloo Courier
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