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Manufacturing Needs Women

Manufacturing is the heartbeat of many major organizations, and at Intel this is certainly true. The majority of Intel’s manufacturing and research and development is in the United States, creating high-precision, high-value, IP-driven products that enable industries and businesses to innovate around the world.

In honor of Manufacturing Day on October 5 – hosted by the National Association of Manufacturers to celebrate manufacturing and inspire young manufacturers to take up the trade – we’re celebrating our employees who power our manufacturing and R&D activities.

But there’s a major issue facing the manufacturing industry today – an estimated two-million-worker shortfall over the next decade. Currently, women make up less than one-third (29%) of the overall U.S. manufacturing workforce.

It’s clear we have an opportunity to educate, train and recruit more women to pursue manufacturing careers. Many women interested in STEM may not be exposed to manufacturing as a career full of creative problem-solving and leadership opportunities. It’s important to show what’s possible instead of focusing on the barriers.

Read the entire Industry Week article here. 

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