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Pratt talks on preparing for careers of future

JEFFERSON — The jobs of tomorrow require a lot more than the ability to make widgets.

They require creativity, problem-solving, people skills, technological expertise and the ability to continue learning new things.

As executive director of the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium, Vicki Pratt hears from companies all of the time about what they need in the workforce of today, and what they expect to need more of in the future.

Pratt has made it her business to pass this information along to the area schools. That’s because as the schools thrive, so do the communities.

Meanwhile, what the schools teach has a long-term impact on local businesses. Either they turn out graduates who are ready to enter the workplace — with polished technical, people and problem-solving skills — or businesses will suffer.

Without a ready workforce in a given area, some businesses will close down and others will move to where they can get what they need.

Pratt represents both the JCEDC, which is a public Jefferson County entity, and Thrive, a public/private partnership in Dodge and Jefferson counties with strong involvement from major area employers. She shared her involvement with the Jefferson Rotary Club last week.

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